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CWA Technician Saves Life

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CWA  Technician Andrel Reid has been on the job for just six months, but he will always remember his Feb. 1 visit to the Lansing, Mich., home of customer Christine Duffy. The Local 4034 member was dispatched to fix Duffy's U-verse service, but he ended up saving the life of Duffy's four-month old baby girl.

Minutes after Reid arrived on the job, baby Sara was in serious trouble. "She was coughing. It just started blocking up her system and she just started choking on the congestion. Around her eyes it was getting all red and she started turning different colors," Duffy told local NBC affiliate WILX.

Reid stepped in to help. "I put the baby in a position that I was taught in training, put the baby in my palm, flipped her over and gave her a light thrust to her back. That's when everything came up, and the baby actually started laughing and smiling at me," he told a local TV news reporter.

Reid, who gets CPR-certified as part of his training, was happy he could help, but probably doesn't consider himself to be a hero. "We're in people's homes all day. . . Stuff happens and we're the only ones there," he said.

CWA District 4 Vice President Seth Rosen said "what makes this act of heroism even more amazing is the pressure our prem techs are under to meet arbitrary performance standards. Especially now, as we are about to begin contract negotiations in a few weeks, we hope AT&T realizes the importance of its front line employees."

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NLRB Votes to Streamline Union Elections; House Votes to Do Opposite

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Amid great hue and cry from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and foes of workers' rights in Congress, the National Labor Relations Board voted Nov. 30 to do its job — protecting workers' rights by moving forward with a modest proposal to streamline the union election process.

In a 2-1 decision, the NLRB adopted a minor overhaul of labor regulations that will shorten the time that workers must wait between filing for an election and actually voting. Currently, many employers cause long delays by filing multiple and unfounded appeals, giving them more time to run anti-union campaigns.

The board's action means a final rule will be drafted, but another vote is required before it becomes policy.

Meanwhile, in the U.S. House, legislators voted 234-188 to pass a Republican-sponsored bill that would give employers even more time to intimidate workers before an election. Their legislation would not permit an election until at least 35 days after workers file. If the bill were to make it through the Senate, the White House has threatened to veto it.

CWA Legislative Director Shane Larson said one piece of good news was that eight Republicans stood up to their party leadership and voted against the bill. CWA Legislative-Political Action Team activists helped generate more than 6,500 phone calls to Congressional offices, in addition to 500 handwritten letters from members and 300 letters from local presidents.

The Republicans who stood with workers were Michael Grimm and Peter King, New York; Tim Johnson, Illinois; Steven LaTourette, Ohio; Frank LoBiondo, Jon Runyan and Chris Smith, New Jersey; and Don Young, Alaska.

The House bill is yet another right-wing attack on the NLRB, which was the subject of an AFL-CIO forum this week.

"This is the right wing on steroids." Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) said. "They went to work immediately after the 2010 elections — not on jobs — but on taking rights away from American workers."

Kimberly Freeman Brown, director of American Rights at Work, said that since January, congressional Republicans have made nearly 50 separate assaults on the NLRB, from hearings and subpoenas to bills that would gut the agency's power and funding.

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) said the effort to cripple the NLRB is yet another way that politicians and corporations are trying to silence the voice of working people.

"This is a political attack campaign on what they see as their No. 1 enemy — labor, the only group with the power to stand up to them," Harkin said.

Click here to watch video of the forum on the AFL-CIO website.

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A Message From The Local

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We know how important it is to have a union contract.


By coming together in a union,
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* * * * OFFICIAL NOTICE * * * *

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* * * * OFFICIAL NOTICE * * * *


            TO:             ALL CWA LOCAL 4302 MEMBERS




          On Thursday, October 13, 2011 at the regular membership meeting      nominations were held for President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer

          and Chief Stewards. The nominations were as follows:



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At this months membership meeting Local 4302 picked this years scholarship winners:
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The Assault on Workers Begins

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In the aftermath of the November 2010 elections, which saw more than 800 state legislative seats flip from Democrat to Republican-held, the anticipated assault on workers at the state level has begun. CWA is monitoring, and in some cases organizing against, hundreds of anti-worker bills and initiatives in a number of states.

Right to Work. Bills banning or limiting organizing have been filed in Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, Virginia and West Virginia. More measures are expected to be filed in Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Paycheck Deception. Alabama has passed a law outlawing public-employee payroll deduction for union dues unless the union does not use the dues for very broadly described “political activity.”

Other paycheck deception bills are anticipated in 16 states.

Attacks on the public sector. All across the country, we are seeing attacks on public employees – attacks on public employee pay, health care, pensions, contracting out – even on public employees’ right to bargain collectively. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has called for eliminating public sector collective bargaining. Ohio Gov. John Kasich plans to eliminate collective bargaining rights for home health care and child care workers, and plans to outlaw binding arbitration for police officers and firefighters.

Bills attacking collective bargaining rights have been introduced in Colorado, Michigan, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Ballot initiatives that attack labor and the progressive agenda. Republicans have long used ballot initiatives to attack unions. Popular this year are “Save Our Secret Ballot” measures – sort of the opposite of the Employee Free Choice Act. “Save Our Secret Ballot” bills are expected in at least 20 states.

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Which Wireless Companies are Naughty and Which are Nice?

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Gearing up for holiday shopping? Remember that when it comes to the latest in tech products and services, one wireless company stands out as the only choice for working families. That’s AT&T Mobility.

About 42,000 CWAers work at Mobility, providing quality service along with the very latest in technology.

That quality service comes from having a union voice. And that’s why it’s more important than ever to support companies like AT&T that value bargaining and a real partnership with union workers. In the United States today, just about 7 percent of private sector workers have collective bargaining rights, because too many employers don’t want workers to have any voice or any power.

Not AT&T. So this holiday season, make sure that AT&T Mobility products and services are on your list.

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                                                                                                          October 7, 2010


Core Retirees - Bargained Legacy SBC


10/18/10     Annual Enrollment BEGINS For RETIREES.

                   Enrollment Worksheets will be mailed to home. *

                   CAN CALL A REP or go ONLINE TO ENROLL.

                   Enrollment Center is open Mon – Fri [7am-7pm Central].

                   On Line Enrollment

                   Service Rep Enrollment 1-877-722-0020.

                   You will need your User ID and Password.

                   If User ID/Password is unknown call and speak to a Service Rep.


10/29/10    Annual Enrollment ENDS for RETIREES.


11/1/10 – 11/12/10 Correction Period for RETIREES.


11/15/10 – 12/31/10 Flexible Retiree’s Enrollment Period. *

                  Flexible enrollees usually do not get enrollment worksheets. All others will.

                  If there is any Enrollment or Option confusion; CALL 1-877-722-0020


  1. UNITED HEALTHCARE IS NO LONGER AN INSURANCE OPTION for most retirees. BC/BS of IL. will be the exclusive insurance carrier. Both HCN & PPO product are offered, but with same provider network. CAREFULLY CHECK that your current providers are IN-Network/or IN- PPO to AVOID HIGHER out of pocket expenses. (If designated ONA; claims will be paid like in-network). Check new procedures/rules if changing from HCN to PPO.
  2. Please check Dependents (spouse and children) for eligibility.
  3. Please check Social Security numbers for accuracy.
  4. Please check HMO’s for new rates and products that tend to change each year.
  6. Request plan comparison charts if you want them/you actually should.
  7. Non Medicare Premiums: Single $33.63, Single+1 $60.54, Family $75.68/mo.

Check Alternative Plan to determine if it is cheaper for you/family? Out of pocket $ are higher, but $0 Premium. HRA dollars apply on all Co. plans.


Pre-1993 Retirees generally keep what they have today unless plan is no longer offered.


Post-Medicare Retirees will have BC/BS of Illinois as administrator or can opt for an Alternative Medical plan w/higher deductibles & out of pocket costs.


Post 1993 Retirees (pre-Medicare) have a choice of keeping what they have today w/a monthly premium or choosing the Alternative medical plan w/a higher deductible & higher out of pocket costs, but no monthly premium.


Reminder: Preventative Care not covered at all out of network.

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