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Court Orders Newspaper to Restore Retiree Health Benefits

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In a big victory for CWA retirees from the Akron Beacon-Journal, a federal court ordered the newspaper and owner, Canadian media mogul David Holmes Black, to restore their prescription-drug plan and pay them the full cost of their wrongfully denied benefits.

"This is a tremendous victory because the court recognized the enforceability of benefits conferred because of the union's collective bargaining efforts," said CWA District 4 Vice President Seth Rosen.

In 2006, the newspaper increased prescription co-pays for the retirees as much as 700 percent, violating a health care benefit the Beacon-Journal had guaranteed workers in exchange for retiring early. The newspaper claimed that the benefits were not vested but "gratuitous" and therefore could be changed.

U.S. District Court Judge David Dowd Jr. rejected the newspaper's argument, citing promises the newspaper made not only in the contract but agreements made individually in workers' buy-out packages. The Beacon-Journal offered the buy-outs to persuade workers to retire early and give up a lifetime employment guarantee negotiated in the union contract, said Rosen.

The 33 retirees, members of CWA Local 14514/Akron Typographical Union, sued the newspaper last September, with CWA's support.

"It's gratifying that these retirees finally got justice," said Printing, Publishing and Media Workers Sector President Bill Boarman. "They left their careers early to help out the Beacon Journal, and for the newspaper to repay them with a broken promise was indefensible."

Owner David Black interfered with the newspapers' contractual obligations after he bought the paper in 2006, according to the Chandra Law Firm, one of the firms representing the retirees. Black and the newspaper "engaged in a 'bait and switch' that denied workers contractually guaranteed, lifetime, low-cost health care in exchange for their early retirement," the firm said.


Annual Benefit Enrollment Begins

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Afraid of Socialized Medicine?

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September 28, 2009

This was written by Al Mumm, the Vice President of the Nebraska Alliance for Retired Americans and the ex-President of Installation Local 7290. Spread it around:

Afraid of "Socialized Medicine"?

For any of you out there who are afraid of "socialized" medicine, remember this: If you are against "socialism" of any kind you must then be against the public school system (by itself, probably the single most important thing that enabled the United States to become a great country), Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration Health Care system, Social Security, and in Nebraska, the Public Power electrical system (which gives us one of the lowest electrical rates in the country).

Also, for anyone who hasn't figured it out yet, the Republicans do not support ANY health care reform. Or anything that will even slightly cut into the profits of insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, or any of the other leeches now dictating health care in America!! Call and write your congressional reps and Senators and demand meaningful health care reform, which includes a public option! Don't let Fox News, Rush Lamebrain, Sean Hatedy, or any of the other servants of the health insurance industry kill the best chance for health care reform we have ever had!

Vice President
Nebraska Alliance for Retired Americans

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CWA / AVAYA Passes Overwhelmingly The New CBA

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I am pleased to announce that the members have overwhelmingly approved the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

I would like to thank the members and especially the Bargaining Team, Richie Meringolo, Art Frindt, Phil Pennington. and Kevin Kimber, for their hard work and dedication in achieving this agreement.

In Unity,

Bill Bates

Last Updated ( Friday, 21 August 2009 10:18 )

Michigan Watch!

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Everyone should have heard by now that we have Michigan techs in Akron to do I&M work.
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TA Reached!!

June 3, 2009


CWA bargainers, under the direction of Chair Bill Bates, have reached agreement with Avaya.
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Avaya Bargaining Report #18 & 19

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May 28, 2009

The CWA Bargaining Team is still waiting on a response from Avaya to resume negotiations.

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Avaya Bargaining Report #17

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May 26, 2009

Meetings continued around Avaya's Health Care proposals that were presented to the Union on Saturday, May 23.

Everybody should continue normal work operations, as the clock remains stopped while bargaining continues.

We will update as warranted.

In Unity,
CWA Bargaining Team


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 27 May 2009 08:55 )

Avaya Bargaining Report #16

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Bargaining will resume this morning.  Information will continue to be posed on the CWA web site as it develops.

Continue to work under the current terms and conditions as the clock remains stopped.

In Unity,

Your CWA Bargaining Team


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 26 May 2009 15:02 )
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