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Vote YES on #1

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Reforms in Issue 1 include:

  • Better partisan balance: creation of a seven-person bipartisan commission with at least two members of the minority party.
  • Members include: 

- Governor
- State Auditor
- Secretary of State
- 1 person appointed by the Ohio Senate President
- 1 person appointed by the Speaker of the Ohio House       
- 1 person appointed by the Ohio Senate Minority Leader
- 1 person appointed by the Ohio House Minority Leader

  • Ban on partisan gerrymandering: explicit prohibition against drawing districts primarily to favor or disfavor a political party.
  • Requirement that districts reflect how voters actually voted: a plan could face a legal challenge if, for example, a party that wins about half of the votes for the General Assembly does not win about half of the seats.
  • Limitations on maps lacking bipartisan support: If the commission approves a map without at least two votes from the minority party, the map will only be in effect for four years rather than 10. This creates an incentive for bipartisan cooperation because the majority party on the commission has no guarantee it will remain in the majority four years later.
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