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CWA YP Holdings Bargaining Update

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Today officers of CWA Locals met with the YP Bargaining Team.  The next bargaining sessions are scheduled for August 16th-18th.  Continue to check the Union Bulletin Boards and Local 4302 web site for updates.

We have the following information to report from today’s meeting:

Both sides have agreed to extend the contract to 5:00PM Friday, August 19th, 2016.

YP wants our contract to look like that of District 3’s.  The District 3 contract is on-line at their web site.  Our bargaining team is not conceding and will continue to fight.

In the event of a lay-off, YP has proposed lay-offs will be according to performance not seniority.

Reminder:  CWA Local 4302 Strike Authorization Vote is 8:00AM-2:30PM this coming Wednesday, August 10, 2016. Just to be clear a strike authorization vote is not a vote to immediately go on strike, but a vote to authorize the President of our national union Chris Shelton to call a strike if deemed necessary during bargaining.

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CWA YP Holdings Bargaining Update #3

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Our CWA Bargaining Committee last met with YP Holdings on June 27 and 28.

During this session, we spent a majority of the time reviewing and questioning the Company's proposed structure changes in sales.  The rest of the time we argued about their other retrogressive demands.  The Committee let the Company representatives know that their proposals are currently unacceptable and that there needs to be considerable movement if we are to reach any agreement by contract expiration.  It appears however that we may be bargaining with ourselves as it seems that our words are falling on deaf ears.

Both sides have recessed until August.

In Unity
CWA YP Holdings MW Bargaining Committee

YP Holdings Bargaining Report #1

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May 18, 2016

Our bargaining committee members met with representatives of YP Holdings in Southfield, Michigan on May 16-18.

VP Hinton attended the opening session and stated in her remarks that CWA hopes that YP Holdings will bargain in good faith, recognizing the quality work that our members provide and negotiate an agreement that our committee supports and recommends for ratification.

During the three day meeting, our committee spent time learning about YP's proposed sales roles and compensation plan, which is similar to what they have already negotiated in other regions. We were also presented with several other proposals, all of which are concessionary in nature.

Our committee will be preparing responses to these proposals and will return to Southfield to meet with YP for a week of bargaining beginning on June 13.

While this was only the initial meeting, there are huge hurdles that must be overcome in order for us to achieve a tentative agreement the committee can recommend.

YP Holdings needs to understand that we have the support of our membership and that YP needs to do the right thing!


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Congratulations to both CWA TRADES, and STAFF bargaining units at the University of Akron
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CWA Local 4302 has reached tentative agreements with The University of Akron covering both the Trades and Staff Bargaining Units.  The bargaining teams are currently working to finalize terms that will be presented to the CWA members for formal approval and ratification.

Explanation meetings and ratification votes are scheduled as follows.


April 6, 2016

8am – 11am

Simmons Hall Auditorium


April 6, 2016

12:30pm – 3pm

Bierce Library - room 154

Explanations and highlight sheets will be given at the start of each meeting with voting available throughout the allotted time.  Your CWA representatives will be available for any questions and concerns.

These meetings are open to CWA members of the respective bargaining unit only.  Membership applications are available at the Hall and from your Stewards.

As in the past, the university has agreed to allow bargaining unit members to attend the explanation meeting and vote during scheduled hours.

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