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CWA Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

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Last year, CWA conducted an extensive membership endorsement process, one that was broader and more democratic than any conducted by any other labor union. After a three-month voting period, the votes were tallied and CWA endorsed Bernie Sanders for President. Tens of thousands of members were mobilized by Bernie’s call for change and poured energy and enthusiasm into that campaign. Despite that incredible effort, Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic presidential candidate. While we will continue to push for the policies that led our members to endorse Bernie Sanders, elections are about choices and Secretary Clinton is the best choice this Fall.

Hillary Clinton has stood with us and pledges her commitment to making life better for working families. Secretary Clinton walked with CWA members on the Verizon picket line. She supports the call to get big money out of politics. She is working with Senator Elizabeth Warren and others to end special treatment for Wall Street and the 1 percent. She wants to help students end the cycle of education debt. She has a solid record on the issues that are critical for working families: bargaining rights and the right to organize; family and medical leave; closing tax loopholes that benefit the 1 percent at the expense of our communities; secure health care and retirement benefits, and equal pay legislation. She has reaffirmed her opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Donald Trump also has been telling us exactly what he would do. He supports “right to work” laws that weaken workers’ bargaining rights. He is union busting at his new Las Vegas hotel and firing organizers. He thinks the minimum wage is too high and that workers in Michigan and others states should accept lower wages. He dismisses the need for equal pay for women. He talks a good game about bad trade deals but manufactures his fancy ties offshore.

The contrast between these two candidates couldn’t be greater. Hillary Clinton is thoughtful and experienced. Donald Trump is reckless, unthinking and much more likely to cut a deal with his billionaire colleagues than look out for working families.

In a Donald Trump administration, we’d be watching our backs for four years. We’d have no opportunity to move forward on real gains for working families, instead, we’d be forced on defense, just to defend the jobs and gains we’ve made over the years. With Hillary Clinton as president, we will have the ability and opportunity to push forward on our agenda to build a just, democratic society for working families.

The choice is clear. We must do everything we can to mobilize members and activists for the election of Hillary Clinton as president of the United States and to elect Senators, members of Congress and other elected officials who are committed to standing up for economic justice and our democracy.

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